Objectives of the Hin Nam No management

Hin Nam No NPA is considered to have geographically outstanding values – its limestone landscapes and biological diversity. In accordance with Decree164/PM, the area has been established to fulfil three main objectives, as below:
1. Protection of the area's biodiversity and natural values, especially the forest, plants and wildlife.
2. Protection for scientific research, cultural and tourism purposes.
3. Ensure the use of forest resources by the villagers in a sustainable way.

Therefore, any development activities that may generate negative impacts on the area are not allowed, except as permitted by the National Assembly and Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and after the consideration of a full environmental impact assessment as well as detailed socio-economic assessments related to cost-benefit analysis. In addition, mitigation measures are to be prepared in accordance with the international standards for environmental impact assessment.

Any law enforcement shall be conducted in accordance with Decree 164/PM dated 1993, the Hin Nam No Regulation dated 2009 which is formulated from the Forestry Law No.04/NA, dated 24/12/2007 and the Law on Wild Animals and Aquatic Resources No. 07/NA, dated 24/12/2007

Contact: Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment of Khammouane Province
Forest Resource Management Section
Anouvong Road, Laoh Phoxai Village, Thakhek District, Khammouane Province
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