Participatory Zonation and Management of Hin Nam No National Protected Area in Boualapha District, Khammouane Province.

Lao PDR case study
By Dr. Mirjam de Koning and Banethom Thepsombath
Co-edited by: JoostFoppes, Ronny Dobbelsteijn

The Hin Nam No National Protected Area (HNN NPA) is located in the central part of Laos about 450 km South-East of the Vientiane Capital in Boualapha District of Khammouane Province. In the East at the Lao-Vietnamese border the park shares a boundary with the PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam. The HNN NPA and PhongNga-Ke Bang National Park form one of the oldest and largest continuous limestone ecosystems in Asia. The HNN NPA is of high conservation value and, there are key species such as the rare Black Langur, Red-shanked or Douc Langur, White-handed Gibbon, Great Hornbill etc.


Sustainable resource management in practice in Hin Nam No

The potential of Maktao sugar palm as a non-timber forest product

By Vanvay Chitpaseuth

The GIZ project on nature conservation and resource management in Hin Nam No National Protected Area supports the local authorities in developing revenue for local communities from sustainable use of non-timber forest products. Such an income would give a strong incentive for local communities to engage in nature conservation.


30,000 LAK can make a difference

Hin Nam No National Protected Area uses tourism for sustainable development and nature conservation

By Joost Foppes

The Hin Nam No National Protected Area (NPA) provides good potential for tourism. Tourists mainly come to Hin Nam No for nature trekking, visits to the historical Ho Chi Minh trail and the big cave in the Xe Bang Fai river. But for turning this potential into reality, a ticketing system is needed as a basis for fair sharing of tourism revenues among stakeholders. Therefore, a district workshop was held in mid-October which aimed mainly at Government agencies and village tourism groups to agree on such a ticketing system.


Co-Management in Hin Nam No National Protected Area

Official agreement between local authorities and village co-management committees authorised to be signed

By Mirjam de Koning

End of September, the GIZ Laos biodiversity conservation project in the Hin Nam No region, together with its partners from province and district level, has reviewed the current set-up and progress of the co-management approach and has further discussed and endorsed the official co-management agreement.


Hin Nam No National Protected Area becomes more visible


New logo contributes to public awareness

By Thomas Wiedenmann

The Hin Nam No National Protected Area (NPA) finally becomes more visible to the public after a several years lasting discussion on an official logotype has come to an end. The new logo is now officially introduced.


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