Area Management Unit

The geographic space of the Hin Nam No NPA is our scope of duties at the Area Management Unit. And this space, as huge as it is and as diverse as it presents itself we try to handle in order to meet conservation objectives and local people's needs. We work on handling the area of the NPA with all its boundaries, stakeholders, topographic features, biodiversity assets and its threats and opportunities. We are as present inside the NPA as in the surrounding areas and villages, trying to solve current questions on boundary demarcation, resource use, zoning, use rights/ customary rights and trainings for villagers.

[Figure 1: Landmark at the outer boundary of Hin Nam No NPA]

Going hand in hand, especially with the Database Unit and the Research and Patrolling Unit, we heavily rely on the information and tools provided by these other operational units and vice versa. At the moment, the elaboration of an updated map about the different zones inside the NPA and the corresponding rules is under process. The adjustment and completion of existing landmarks is another ongoing mission. We directly involve local people into all steps of our work making them aware and getting used to what co-management means in practice.

[Figure 2: Government staff of the Area Management Unit and local villagers discussing and figuring out the different zones inside the Hin Nam No NPA.]

Contact: Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment of Khammouane Province
Forest Resource Management Section
Anouvong Road, Laoh Phoxai Village, Thakhek District, Khammouane Province
Tel/Fax: +856 – 51 – 213 344