Database Unit

Working in close relation with the Research and Patrolling Unit and the Area Management Unit we at Database Unit are the digital information backbone of the NPA.

In the past, little information was readily available about HNN NPA and thus our task is to collect and process mainly spatial information for further use at the different units, for researchers and the public in general.

We focus on the elaboration of maps for different purposes (thematic maps) and therefore put together all available information from the field, like from discussions with local people during village meetings and participatory mapping workshops, from the rangers doing patrols, from researchers and students.

Another task is the monitoring of flora and fauna, especially of the Hin Nam No key species. As a National Protected Area we want to show and gather information about the development of these populations and proof the effectiveness of our conservation efforts.

For our job we use the geographic information software QGIS and we operate the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART).

Our aims are manifold and far beyond pure documentation. We want to provide the knowledge and basis for taking efficient and directed decisions in the field of trail mapping, law enforcement, key species monitoring, tourism development, infrastructural analyses and inventory in general. The results of our work are tools to usein order to contribute to make conservation happen.

The following two documents might provide further understanding of our work and demonstrate to close relationship to and cooperation with other units:

>> Trail mapping at Hin Nam No (.pdf document)
>> Monitoring and patrolling at Hin Nam No (.pdf document)

Contact: Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment of Khammouane Province
Forest Resource Management Section
Anouvong Road, Laoh Phoxai Village, Thakhek District, Khammouane Province
Tel/Fax: +856 – 51 – 213 344