Awareness Raising Unit contributes to National Tree Planting Day 2015

Feb 15, 2019

The Awareness Raising Unit of Hin Nam No (HNN) National Protected Area (NPA) celebrated this year’s tree planting day with the primary school of Nong Ping village, Boualapha district, Khammouane province.

67 participants (39 women), mainly primary school kids, joined the event in order to celebrate the tree planting day and learned about the importance of trees and forests. Guided and entertained by the Awareness Raising Unit of HNN NPA, the kids spent 3 hours singing songs, playing games and getting informative details about the importance of forests and the usefulness of trees. Several short sessions of question and answer games offered the school kids the opportunity to win small gifts.

Highlight of the event was the tree planting itself. 30 mango trees were provided to the pupils and their teachers. “These trees will provide much more than oxygen. They will spend shadow, produce tasty and valuable fruits and even their timber could be used one day to make tables, chairs and beds. Trees are really of multiple purposes”, the director of Nong Ping primary school stated in his speech.

Together with the school kids the team of the Awareness Raising Unit planted some trees explaining about the technique of proper planting and how to take care of a tree afterwards. The event was closed by a final speech of the director and Mrs. Nidthaya Vongsit on behalf of the Awareness Raising Unit of HNN NPA. Thanks were expressed to the kids for their active participation, but also to GIZ Laos for financial sponsorship.