Awareness Raising Unit of Hin Nam No NPA supports the ProCEED Tour in Khammouane province

Feb 15, 2019

By Nidthaya Vongsit

From 22 to 27 of November the awareness raising unit of HNN NPA supported the GIZ sponsored bus tour of ProCEEd in Khammouan province. Activities about environmental education were conducted in several villages surrounding the HNN NPA in Boualapha district.
After a joint preparation phase in Vientiane capital, the team of environmental education experts targeted 3 village clusters of the HNN area. Divided into 2 teams the village clusters of Khanyoo-Saang, Bandou and Nongping were served during this year’s visit.  Providing knowledge and information about biodiversity conservation under local contexts were the aim of the tour. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the villagers the core messages could be transmitted in a most funny and joyful way.
The program for each village typically consisted of 3 main parts. During the morning the experts worked with adult villagers, during the afternoon with kids and for the evening sessions all villagers came together again. Singing songs and playing games in order to explain biodiversity and conservation issues were very well accepted. Especially the evening sessions with theatre and role play made everybody laugh and enjoy. This was impressively demonstrated by the high number of participants which varied between 180 and up to 300 villagers per village. Thanks to the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment supported by GIZ Laos this kind of events can happen in the remote villages of HNN NPA.