ProFEB helps to secure local rights through National Park zonation

Mar 12, 2024


Community consultations in 10 out of 20 settlements around Hin Nam No to identify and secure rights to areas of Hin Nam No National Park that are of economic, cultural or spiritual value and significance for local people took place between 4 and 30 January 2024. After completing consultations, these areas will be mapped and secured through written agreements between the communities and the park management. The approach is based on Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)-principles and is sensitive to vulnerable and disenfranchised groups, such as ethnic minorities, hunter-gatherers, shifting cultivators, and women. The participatory zonation of Hin Nam No National Park is the most important recommendation coming out of the FPIC process for the world heritage nomination of Hin Nam No National Park, which was endorsed by all stakeholders and the provincial government of Khammouane on 17 January 2020.