Visit of the Vice-President of the Khammouane Provincial National Assembly took place in Boualapha District, Khammouane Province.

Feb 22, 2022

On February 18, 2022 Ph.D. Mrs. Sounthone Xayyajuck, Secretary of the Central Party Committee, and The Vice-President of the National Assembly with the delegation have site visited to the proposed coal power plant at Langkhang, Boualapha district, Khammouan Province, and given a warm welcome by President of the Provincial People’s Assembly of Khammouan, H.E. Mr Bounmy Phimmasone and Mr. Bounkuang Keobounyong, Governor of Bualapha District and representative from company, as well as the relevant staffs.

The representative from company have briefed the overview of the initial implementation, including the location of the coal power plant, and delegation discussed about the current planning status and its impact on the neighboring Hin Nam No National Park, and in addition to the aforementioned visit, Ph.D. Mrs. Sounthone Xayyajuck and the delegation also visited Nongping Campsite and Xebangfai cave in Hin Nam No National Park.


Photo Resuource: Information, Culture, and Tourism Office of Bualapha District